Cypress County

Located in the southeastern corner of the province, Cypress County is home to over 7500 individuals and spans 1.3 million hectares, with almost 75,000 acres of those being irrigated. Major economies include agriculture and oil and gas.

Low taxes, access to numerous transportation corridors, quality of life make Cypress County a great place to do business. Cypress County offers great opportunities for new business as well as those looking to expand their business or move somewhere with the benefits of rural living with close proximity to urban life.

Major industry


With over 800 farms spanning the 1.3 million hectares of land, Cypress County is home to major agricultural production including cow/calf and crop operations, as well as greenhouses and supporting ag industry.

Over half a million acres are dedicated cropland with wheat being the most produced, followed by alfalfa, peas, canola, and barley. Over 165,000 cattle run in Cypress County with 62,000 chickens, over 400 dairy cows, 1,600 sheep and lambs, and over 14,000 pigs.

Major benefit

Rural Living

Enjoy a rural lifestyle: wide open spaces, less noise, more privacy, and a strong sense of community.

Urban life in the city is only a short drive away. Enjoy the peacefulness of living in the country everywhere you go in Cypress County.

Your business can benefit from

Transportation Corridors

Cypress County boasts ample access to numerous transporation corridors. Highways 1, 3, and 41 go through the county as well as many secondary highways. Additionally, CP Railway and Crowsnest lines span the county with the Wild Horse Canada/US border crossing. For additional access, there is a commercial passenger airport in Medicine Hat and Calgary International Airport is less than 300km to the west.