keynote speaker

Robert Saik

In 2021, Robert Saik was recognized as one of Canada’s Top 50 Most Influential Agriculture Leaders and one of Canada’s Top 10 Ag Mentors. With forty years of experience as a Professional Agrologist, entrepreneur, and international consultant, he has worked with figures like Nigeria's Minister of Agriculture and Bill Gates. As a champion of agriculture, he founded over 15 companies, including AGvisorPRO, a platform connecting agriculture experts with those seeking advice.

Keynote Speaker

Mokah Shmigelsky

CEO and Board Chair of OneCupAI, Mokah has a strong family background in ranching and farming. Having grown up in Alberta, she has seen first hand the challenges faced by the agricultural industry. Her vision to automate many of the manual decision-making processes a rancher faces every day is the driving force behind OneCup AI.