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Connections Luncheons

The Connections Luncheon in Cypress County is a bi-annual event that serves as a platform for fostering meaningful connections within the local business community. Taking place in April and October in Council Chambers, the luncheon provides a platform for professionals, businesses, and entrepreneurs to network, share ideas, and collaborate. With a commitment to community engagement, growth, and collaborative innovation, the luncheon is a must-attend opportunity held twice a year for individuals seeking valuable connections in Cypress County.

Fostering Community Engagement and Growth

With the luncheon being a bi-annual initiative, its recurrence underscores the commitment of Cypress County to actively contribute to the growth of the local business community. By encouraging participation from businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations, the event serves as a mechanism for community engagement and a tangible expression of the county's dedication to nurturing a vibrant economic landscape.

Facilitating Meaningful Networking

The event aims to create a conducive environment for local businesses and entrepreneurs to connect and build meaningful relationships within the Cypress County business community. By providing a platform for networking, the luncheon serves as a catalyst for collaboration, idea sharing, and the establishment of valuable professional connections.

Celebrating Small Business

The October Connections Luncheon is a dedicated to celebrating the excellence of small businesses in Cypress County. Positioned as the culminating event of Small Business Week, this event recognizes the spirit, innovation, and contributions of local entrepreneurs. Through engaging activities, heartfelt discussions, and shared success stories, the luncheon serves as a beacon of support and appreciation for the small businesses that form the backbone of our community. This event aims to support growth and success within the vibrant Cypress County small business landscape.

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